The Order of the Horse and Moon is a British based network of Cochranian Wiccans. At the heart of the Order are 13 initiated Cochranian Wiccans in two covens, the Coven of the Horse and the Moon and the Coven of the Horsemen and the Moonlight. The Order is involved in running a network of around 1000 Wiccans and is one of the most active Wiccan groups in the UK. It is also involved in running the wicca.co.uk and wicca.org.uk web sites. The Order runs a range of events following the cycle of the Wiccan year. These include public and private rites. We are dedicated to offering straightforward access to coven Wicca.


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    1. This is a response to a request for information from one of the contact points connected to the Wiccan Federation or one of its associated groups. We run a network of groups as part of Meetup. If you are looking to connect with Wicca you should join one of these groups. They are mainly active in the South-East of England, but are becoming more active in other areas.

      They are available at the site below


      We also have a training course called Seven Moons which allows for training remotely and also allows for initiation into Wicca. You can find our more about the course or join it through the Seven Moons website at http://sevenmoons.weebly.com

      This course connects primarily with Cochranian and Gardnerian Wicca however other traditions are available. The course trains seekers in Wicca over a six month period. It is connected with one of our covens in London and allows an individual to train with the support of this coven, and attend its new moon meetings if they are in London. If not the course material can be studied remotely. If you would like to join this course please let me know. The course is free if done by e-mail or you can join the course by post in which case charges apply as we have to print and post the material. Please contact cochranefaithful@yahoo.co.uk if you wish to join the course.

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